Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And as summer comes to a close...

I'm busy, busy, busy. I meant to have this blog entry posted by the beginning of September, but better late than never. I can't complain though. It is so nice having a full work schedule.

It was a definitely a"Butterfly" summer. Simon Clark's novella "Butterfly" sold out in a heartbeat. Simon was kind enough to include some of the images I created for his Signature Series book in this wonderful promotional video. The music and photographs are by Alex Clark.

I was once again accorded the honor of working on a Gene O'Neill novel. Coming soon from Bad Moon Books is Gene's novel "DEATHFLASH" Here are the cover and interiors.

Our final convention of the year was Context 23 . What a blast! Everyone from fellow guests to Context staff were just wonderful. I sold a lot of prints and the original illustration for my latest Chaosium assignment. And the frosting on the cake was that I scored some jobs. I love writer's conventions.

One of the jobs resulted from my highly successful art demo. More about that in a future blog.

On Saturday night during the Shroud Publishing party the Hiram Awards were bestowed. Lo and behold I was given the award for "Unique Juxtaposition in Illustration". Written on the back of the award certificate is " For demonstrating innumerable uses of cogs and fossils in horror art". Uh-oh, this is just going to provoke me to keep painting my mechanized nightmares.

And just in time for the Halloween season is my cover illustration for J. G. Faherty's forthcoming novel " Carnival of Fear" which will be published by by Graveside Books (GravesideBooks.com). It was great fun making J. G.'s vision for his cover a reality, but how can you go wrong with ghouls and ferris wheels.

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Kev said...

I dig the Ferris Wheel painting. That's cool!