Monday, August 17, 2009

August Mayhem.

I'm hopefully moving towards the end of a nasty summer flu bug. It has made for some sleepless nights, but on a positive note being awake at 1:00 a.m. means I've been able to catch up on my Venture Brothers episodes.

In other news, first up is my latest cover. Here is my painting for "Copping Squid and Other Mythos Tales" an anthology of World Fantasy Award Winner Michael Shea's mythos stories.

This will be available from Perilous Press this October. Cody Goodfellow presented me with the intriguing concept and I took it from there. I'm in the process of finishing up the interior art for the project.

My art is now wearable! At this years Hypericon I had the great fortune to meet Ben and Tracy Eller. Ben and Tracy run World of Strange Fantastic Apparel and asked me if they could offer my work on their attire. Of course I said yes. Click here to see my page on their site, and by all means buy something. Also available thru their site is apparel sporting the fantastic art of such artistic luminaries as Michael Whelan, Donato Giancola, Billy Tackett, William Stout, and Cyril van der Haegen. Suffice it to say I'm stoked about being listed along with these folks.

I've updated my shopping site finally. Thank you very much Deborah Jones for creating the tutorial for me. Please drop by to see what I've added (and of course to buy something). For some reason the site takes a few moments to load, so my apologies on the wait.

Last but not least, I'll be attending Context 22 in Columbus Ohio for the release party of Gene O'Neill's "Taste of Tenderloin", published by Apex Book Company. I'll also be doing some book signing for Shroud Publishing. I hope to see you there.