Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I vowed that the next post on this blog would be the memorial for our westie, Pupkin. Writing about him proved to be painful, and still is now even after a whole year (hence the procrastination). It is like having to say goodbye all over again, but with the anniversary date of his passing quickly approaching I need to do it.

The last blog I wrote was about the loss of what we called the Bradbury Tree across the street from us. Little did we know that not long after we would be losing our Pupkin, who was named after Joe Pipkin from Ray Bradbury's, The Halloween Tree. Bitter irony.

Rather than have two memorials back to back I thought I'd post this tidbit about something that really cheered up Becky and me when we saw it.

Earlier this year Cody Goodfellow posted a progress report on the Perilous Press Blog and included a photo he took of Patton Oswalt holding a copy of Michael Shea's Copping Squid. Cody told me that Patton is a huge fan of Michael's work. We were stoked to see such a great comedian and actor (who is one of our all time favorites!) holding up a book sporting a cover done by me. Thanks Cody for letting me re-post the photo!

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