Thursday, May 28, 2009

Countdown to HyperiCon

First up, as a result of all the fun and great times we had with AT&T, we are now with Insight Cable. As consequence there was no need to continue with Earthlink, so my old email address is no more. My new one is At some point I promise to recount our exploits with the communications giant. What a convoluted mess. Of course we still haven't received our final bill from them, so it ain't over till the corpulent female intones. And we continue to receive junk mail for the ubiquitous Gary Stevens.

Mo*Con was a blast! Thanks again to Maurice and Sally Broaddus for being the ultimate host and hostess. We had the honor of meeting Tom Piccirilli and his wife Michelle Scalise, Wrath James White. We also reunited with our Necon pals Linda Addison and Gerard Houarner. The panels were wonderful and on Saturday night we were treated to a reading of the epic murder mystery CLOWN courtesy of Doug Warrick.

HyperiCon is a week away. Aside from running off a few additional prints I'm all packed and ready. That does not happen often. We look forward to seeing all our convention and Nashville buddies. If you are attending please stop by on Saturday to watch the art demo by me and the other artists.

My friend Mike Morris snapped some shots of me in my native habitat last week. Despite the subject they turned out great. Here are a few of the pics.

All photos © 2009 Michael R Morris

And this is my cover illustration for Gene O'Neill's upcoming anthology from Apex Publications, Taste of Tenderloin.