Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some Good October News

The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Twentieth Annual Collection edited by Ellen Datlow and Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant is out.

Stephen Graham Jones' narrative "Raphael" was among the stories included. I did the accompanying illustration for it when it appeared in Cemetery Dance #55 (which also sported a cover done by yours truly).
(Cover for #55)

Mentioned in the Summation 2006: Horror, is Chaosium's "Arkham Tales" which I did the cover for.

In the back are the honorable mentions. Among the listed stories that I did illustrations for are:

Scott Nicholson's "She Climbs A Winding Stair", Dark Wisdom #9 ( which I also did the cover for).
(Cover for#9)

J. T. Petty's "Grapefruit Spoons", Cemetery Dance #55.

And Glen Hirshberg's "Transitway", Cemetery Dance #56.

Ellen Datlow's nod to the artists of the small press is again an impressive list, including such peers of personal acquaintance as Allen Koszowski, Keith Minnion, Augie Wiedemann, Debbie Hughes, Russell Dickerson, Chad Savage, and Teresa Tunaley.

And once again I also have the great honor of being included on the list!

Thank you very much Ms. Datlow.