Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Was Turned Into A Newt, But I Got Better.

The fear of fading into oblivion has prompted me to get off my keister and do some website updating.

I've uploaded 25 images to my gallery page. Four are updated files of images already posted, but the rest are brand new (or close enough to it). If you have the time please drop in and look around.

(And of possible interest to collectors of Cemetery Dance publications, I've set up a gallery exclusively for the illustrations I created for Simon Clark's Signature Series book "Butterfly".)

I have lots of photos from HyperiCon, InConJunction, and Necon still waiting for me to go through. At some point in the near future I'll be posting them with "How I Spent My Summer: Chapter 2", but with one more convention coming up I'm still in busy mode. August 14th thru the 17th I'll be at GenCon in Indianapolis. If you are attending stop by the art show and say hi.

Among the paintings I'll have on display will be my cover illustration for an upcoming collection of stories by writer John Dixon.

The title for the illustration is "Blubbery Rubbery Goo".