Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dilation Exercise for June 2009

So this is the Dilation Exercise for June 2009.

I hope this will be a fun work out for your imagination and I encourage you to participate with comments. If you come back to the blog and can't find this post, look for it in the "Dilation Contest" category.

Please look at the picture and imagine for it a one sentence caption of dialog and a one sentence caption of narrative. Write these down and transmit the sentences to me via the comments option at the bottom of this post. Try to produce captions that compliment the image without overly defining what's going on in the picture. It helps if the captions suggest something beyond the picture plane. For examples of these captioned images and more information about this project and contest, go to Imagination Work Out and Contest.

The title of this painting is not important here. More important is what happens in your imagination when you view the image. What's going on here?

As Alan does with his contest, I will choose my favorite of the captions offered for the May '09 Dilation Exercise and declare a winner on or about the 30th of June, 2009. The winner will have the image with his or her caption and name entered into the “Dilation Exercise” album in the coppermine gallery on my web site. The winner will win an 8" x 10" matted print of the contest image. It will be necessary to have the winner's shipping address in order to deliver the print. Sorry, but the print prize will only be delivered to an address within the continental United States.

For examples of captioned images and more information about this project and contest, go to Imagination Work Out and Contest.


Morbideus said...

"Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

Can a few shovelfuls of earth truly block the view between worlds?

Morbideus said...

just a heads up, whenever I post here, I get as "Mailer-Daemon Failure" sent to my email.

Honus X Heppablatte said...

"She hides her age like corn liquor
or her scattered children,
She buries wrinkles in the sun
and will lie if you ask her."

The only way to be sure
beyond a shadowed doubt is to
slice open her latest fling
and count the wedding rings.

BillH said...
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BillH said...

"I knew you couldn't stay, so go back to her."

His widow paid him one last visit before his final shore leave ended and the sea reclaimed him.

Alan M. Clark said...

"My voice has become so weak, she will not hear me unless she comes closer"

Having watched the girl comb the beach for shells over the last few months, Agnes knew she was the one to ask for help.

Steven Gilberts said...

Thank all of you very much for contributing to the June Dilation Exercise.

The winner of the June Dilation Exercise is Bill H. Congratulations.