Thursday, January 4, 2007

Book Plugs-Part One

Just wrapping up some final news from 2006. These are two books from Elder Signs Press which sport covers illustrated by yours truly and are now available thru the ESP site.

Elder Signs Press is owned and operated by Deborah and William Jones. A growing force in the small press industry, ESP was recently nominated for an International Horror Guild Award for Best Periodical of 2005. And the just released issue #10 of ESP's magazine Dark Wisdom is sporting a new full color format that is creating quite a stir.

My work appearing in William and Deborah's publications has been and continues to be a strong element in my burgeoning career as an illustrator.

On the left is the cover for A. A. Attanasio's collection Twice Dead Things, and on the right is the cover for C. J. Henderson's novel The Things That Are Not There.

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